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Powerful Press Release Writing Service for National Level Distribution and Exposure

Powerful Press Release Writing Service for National Level Distribution and Exposure

Press Release Writing Service

How are we different from the others?

Press releases hold a lot of merit to a business, especially when you’re coming out with a new product or a brand.

You need to keep your consumers and potential investors informed of what you’re doing, and that means putting out press releases that look great and read great too.

Press release writing services that aren’t a complete abomination are hard to come by, and we’ve actually people just like you saying the exact same thing.

When you came across our service I’m sure you noticed something right away, that being the fact that we actually care about our customers and provide some pretty valuable services.

Most press release writing and distribution services take a client’s money and just deal with the job as quickly as possible, but we understand the weight a press release has and we never rush them.

Rushing a project like a press release is a quick way to lose your investors or customers, a poorly put together press release is going to represent your company in a bad light and it’s going to affect your sales as well.

You may not think that a press release is that important, but that’s the kind of thinking that’s going to have a negative effect on your business.

We’re only here to bring positive traits to the table.

The writers we’ve got handling our press releases have been writing press releases for at least 2 years, we made sure that the writers we were hiring have had a decent amount of experience before they made their ways to our company.

When a writer has the level of experience as our press release writers do you can only expect the best.

The most professional press release writing service you’ve ever had the privilege of hiring is right in front of your nose, and that service would happen to be us.

What will you get with our Press Release Writing Service?

We have a lot to offer you, and these are only a few of the things that we handle with our press release writing services:

  • Press Releases That Make Sense – There isn’t going to be useless information going into your press release, it needs to be something that is well-designed and SEO optimized.
  • Proper Structure – There’s a proper structure in place when it comes to press releases, and we make sure that we follow the structure accordingly. Putting together a press release without the proper formation is simply non-professional, and we don’t want to give the wrong idea to people regarding our clients companies.
  • We will include max 2 anchor links, 1 naked link and we can also add an image to your press release.
  • You can approve the press release prior to the distribution.
  • The distribution of your PR is done by sending it to thousands of agencies and min. of 3 paid distro networks.
  • You want Google news? Well you got it. Your PR will feature in Google news with links to your site.
  • Your Release will be published on TV, Newspaper, Radio, News & Niche sites.
  • We’re the best press release service with the best press release distribution service around, and we’re here to show it.
Our writers have been around the block and back, they’ve wrote for numerous different niches and they’re completely comfortable when it comes to writing about random topics.


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