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Personalized Animated Video Service Designed to Increase Your Conversions

Personalized Animated Video Service Designed to Increase Your Conversions

Animated Video Service

What is our Animated Video Service?

Have you ever thought about getting an animated promotional video for yourself or your company?

They can really boost your conversion rates and even help bring in new customers when they’re done right, and one of the ways you can make sure that they’re successful is by working with us.

Our animated video services take our clients to a place they probably haven’t been to before, which is the big bad world of internet videos.

You’d be surprised as to how many people actually watch animated videos on the internet every single day, and if you had one of your own it’d act like a commercial in a sense.

We’ve had our animated video service up and running for some time now, so we’re already aware of the animated video marketing and everything that should be incorporated within a great animated video.

  • We will start with you/your company to understand exactly what are the exact requirements for the video.
  • Next our professional copywriter will write you an exciting script for your video.
  • Then it’s time to create the storyboard based on the requirements and the script.
  • When the script and storyboard is ready, our professional voiceover will record the voiceover.
  • And finally our experienced animator will create the animation based on the previous steps, sync the voiceover and voila your video is ready to drive in the traffic
And these are exactly what we have to offer to you when you sign up with us, a full turnkey service.

The professionals that make up our animated promo videos team are ones that could be considered to be the best in class and they have some new and fresh ideas to get you and your audience excited. And that’s what we like to see!

It’s like choosing between a well-done steak and one that’s perfectly cooked, the choice is pretty obvious!

What will you get with our Animated Video Service?

An animated video explainer is a great way to introduce your business and services to other people, which is going to in turn draw some traffic towards you organization (therefore resulting in more revenue!).

We understand that an animated video like this can be a large component of anybody’s marketing plan, so we don’t cut corners and we make sure that the ideal fit is working on the project.

If it’s a quirky animated video we’ll have one of the quirkier animators handle it, each of our animators has a distinct style and we apply them where we feel they would excel the most.

We’re going to quickly go over the different things you’ll be able to use when you work with us, because that’s what it’s all about; those things are:

  • The Best Animated Videos On The Market – We have an excellent track record and have no problem working within a client’s needs and wants in order to get the best out of the project, because the more positive opinions we have about the service the better!
  • Animators That Have Been Around – The animators that animate the videos themselves have seen a lot of action, they’ve all been animating for a long time and have been through many different stages of their careers. As long as you can communicate what you want in the animated video for business you should be in great shape.
  • Conversions – Anybody can put out an animated video themselves, but they don’t have the potential to convert that our animated videos do. We’ve been able to perfect certain techniques and types of animation that give the best conversion rates possible, and we think we’re the best when it comes to that.
It’s pretty simple, hire a fantastic service for custom animated videos and watch the hits start rolling in!


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