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So, we caught your eye with our Original & Specific Quality (OSQ) content and you are burning to know more about our SEO Copywriting Services using our revolutionary content writing style.

Well, here we go, let’s get this out of the way.

Let’s tackle the unique content “mystery” first

We were talking about anyone offering high quality and unique content, and most likely much cheaper than us, so let’s start with that.

“Unique content” promises by many companies mostly means the content they will deliver is unique. Sounds good, right?

Guess again.

The content you will get is unique in the eyes of the Search Engines (such as Google & Bing), which simply means the search engines will not penalize your page(s) as the content is considered unique and passes copyscape with flying colors.

So, what’s the problem?

The problem with this type of content is;

  • It’s just not engaging the readers
  • It will not be shared in social media
  • Conversion rates are low or non-existing
  • It will definitely not become viral
The simple reason for this is that this kind of content does not give anything new and worth sharing to your customers.

If you are happy with this type of user engagement or for better word the lack of it, then you are in the wrong place.

If not, then read on to see what we have to offer to multiply your conversions!

How is our SEO copywriting services any different?

We are sure you want improved user engagement and social sharing! If that’s the case then you need Original content NOT “unique” content.

So, what exactly is Original content?

Original content is deeply researched and written by true experts.

This type of content is;

  • compelling
  • Engaging your customers
  • headline-worthy
With all of these and more, the end result will most likely be something you have never experienced before.

If you don’t have your analytics activated yet, we would recommend you to activate it before our content is posted to your website, since you probably won’t believe your eyes.

Here are some samples of what our services can do to your website:

When you are working with us, you can also cancel your copyscape account, since you will never have to check anything ever again.
You get the point so far, so let’s move on.


Next let’s talk about the Specific Quality

We are sure you have ordered content before with the promises of high quality, right?

Well, let us ask you a couple of questions;

  • Did you get high quality content?
  • Did it get you more visitors?
  • Did this content get shared in social media?
  • Did that content go viral?
  • Did it convert your prospects into paying customers?
Unfortunately too often the answer is a big fat NO.

And why is that?

Simply put, almost anyone can write and talk about high quality, but that’s NOT what the users, your prospects and your customers want when they are making decisions related to any kind of monetary transaction.

So what does your customers want?

Your customers want specifics, they want to understand why they should open their wallets and buy something from you, right?

Let’s look at a very simple example right here.

Let’s say that you are selling a house.

Content writing company “A” would write something like this:

  • For sale a new construction high quality house with updated kitchen and the latest model high quality air-conditioning units

Looks ok, but there is something missing!

All the specifics are missing completely! You have to put a detailed image into the customers mind.

We would write the same like this:

  • For sale a true money-saving new construction 2 story house built with energy saving insulation, windows and air-conditioning units, a new ground-breaking eco technology combo, which will save you hundreds of dollars each year in cooling and heating and it will keep your kitchen with gorgeous hand-built oak cabinets, gourmet 6 burner gas range and energy efficient stainless steel appliances, feeling comfortable without breaking your budget even in the heat of the summer.

Now, honestly, which one would make you a buyer?

Exactly, we thought so, no comparison. The difference is like a day and night.


If you seriously want to sell something and do it extremely well, you have to;

  • Put context/specifics to your sales proposition!

By doing this you will help your customers to really understand;

  • What exactly you are selling
  • How you are different from the company X who sells it cheaper
  • Why they should buy from you
  • Why your product(s) are worth the money you are asking for
At we combine our two main core elements to our writing;
  • Original deeply researched content
  • Specific Quality
With these two core elements combined, we will end up with our revolutionary Original & Specific Quality (OSQ) content and we apply our revolutionary OSQ content strategy to most of our copy writing and the results are truly astounding.

This is what WE do! This is OUR specialty! Want to try us out?

So, what does our services cost?

If you are still hesitating and you might be thinking, these guys are out of my league and way too expensive. Well wait a minute, let’s see if that’s really the case.

Naturally there is a higher cost involved in our OSQ content as the deep research takes time, even more than the actual writing will, but the end result is like a never ending “squirrel wheel”! The more we write for you, the more you get traffic, social sharing, conversions…get the point?

Your success is right here in front of your eyes and it will never end as long as your content is OSQ, authority level content, which will be shared over and over again, increasing your visitors and conversions.

What would you think if our services double your conversions? Would you still think our service is too expensive?

Didn’t think so! You would most likely become one of our returning customers.

Our pricing is mainly custom and project based, but we do give you pricing guidelines on our Pricing page.

Below you can find the links to our services to read more and help you choose wisely!

If you are looking for some other services, we do have access to premium web design, web development companies, translation services and many others, just contact us and ask.


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